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If you are trying to identify your existing shafts the measurements of our shafts may assist:-


                                                                    Short            Long


Front Shafts                                                455               835 


Thick Flange Rear Shafts (OSR)            700               967


Thin Flange Rear Shafts (NSR)                684              950


Salisbury Early                                           660              978


Salisbury Late                                            638              959 


Series Shafts                                              640              870



This picture may also assist you in identifying your shaft.



It can get a little confusing working out what parts are required for your vehicle so the following is a guide to cover most applications, scroll down to the vehicle you have, down to the year/engine type then to front or rear to see standard spec and upgrades available. Please see our application guide below to assist you.



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